Tree Trimming Services In Paris & Bonham, TX Area

This Is What We’ll Wear When Trimming Trees At Your Paris Or Bonham, TX Area Property

Tree Trimming Is Dangerous, So We Come Prepared

The last thing you’d want is a tree limb to fall on you while you’re operating power tools. But tree trimming accidents occur every year due to the lack of proper safety tools and techniques. That’s why the crew at Spencer Landscaping & Tree Service takes every precaution when providing tree trimming services in the Paris and Bonham, TX areas.

We’ll come equipped with Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws with built-in safety features, and we’ll be wearing…

  • Chaps designed to protect chainsaw operators
  • Helmets with face guards
  • Steel-toe boots

You can trust us to trim your trees safely because we’ve got over 10 years of experience. Make an appointment today.

Local Tree Service In Paris & Bonham, Tx

Why Do You Need Your Trees Trimmed?

Although tree trimming is primarily done for aesthetics, we trim trees in the Paris and Bonham, TX areas for all kinds of reasons. For example, we can…

  • Remove dead limbs to prevent them from falling on power lines or structures
  • Raise the canopy to provide clearance for signs or vehicles
  • Remove infected limbs to prevent the spread of disease

Contact us today to get a free estimate for tree trimming services.